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Chronic Backstabbing Disorder

I’ve been programming for the past two weeks; trying to get a range of things done relating to the different factions in the game; and the things they will do if you make them your enemy. Basically, there are 3 types of factions; allied, neutral and hostile. Hostile factions will shoot on sight, allied factions will help you fight and let you through their territory. Neutral factions don’t shoot on sight, but they usually don’t let you through their territory either.

To control their unusual behaviour I have implemented checkpoints, lines on the ground that are guarded by neutrals. If you put your toe over the line… Their rage will be as lethal as it is disproportionate. The units that see you (and only those units) will immediately turn hostile. Unless a Sentry sees you. These units have radio antennae and a limited field of view. If they see you, they will call in a dropship and everyone they can contact on the level will turn hostile. Pretty much the same rules apply if you bump off a member of this faction before the eyes of their comrades.

In addition to this, there are sliding scales of Influence for each faction. Piss people off enough and their influence will drop so low that the faction will become hostile. You can usually pay blood money and settle accounts, but it’s expensive.


In the course of the game you can do quests for seven of the factions. This will enable you to bring them from neutral to allied, and get some kind of perk. However in the course of your duties as a mercenary you may be called upon to do unto a faction you are ALSO doing quests for. To cover this eventuality, if you are spotted by a sentry somewhere you shouldn’t be, red handed stealing from a faction’s inner sanctum, you get one chance to destroy the evidence (currently a large, boxy ’60s magnetic tape drive). If you exit the level without doing this, you will be blacklisted and the faction you pissed off will be permanently hostile.

I still have to actually produce copies of neutrals for all the enemy types, but the mechanics described above are working correctly.

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