What to do if you find a bug/ have feedback

Please send any feedback to

We are interested in any and all feedback, no matter how trivial. However, just because something is suggested does not mean we will put it in the final game – some things may conflict with the core mechanics and our ‘vision’ of where the game is heading, while other may be downright impossible or game-breaking. For example, In an early versions of the game we experimented with a rapid-fire machine gun weapon, but found it destroyed the shield-wait-fire cycle and made the game either too easy (when you had it) or too hard (when *they* had it) and decided it was best to leave such a thing out of the game. Instead, we have a watered-down version, the Rapid-fire emplacement.

If you are reporting a bug please explain the situation the bug occurred in and attach screenshots (if applicable) and a copy of the games Error log (game_errors.log Found in the same folder as the game Exe file.)

Thank you for reading the Manual and have fun playing!

Known Bugs:

These are known bugs we are working on fixing, you may find them during play.

1) Grenades can sometimes get stuck to high walls

2) Music can sometimes stop playing and refuse to restart until you change levels

3) Important items such as Locks and keys can sometimes turn invisible (we think we have fixed this, But if you spot it please tell us)

4) Day and Night animations can sometimes bug, causing the player to leave a white trail or appear to sit on a cloud.

5) The ammo shop in town does not actually give you any ammo.

6) Sometimes the game refuses to launch and gives an ‘unexpected error’ message. This is due to the way the game played music with windows media player (putting the music in the EXE file would bloat loading times far too much). To fix this, first try re-starting your computer. If this doesn’t work, Delete and re-download the game. If the problem persists, and you are an experienced computer user, you can attempt to clear the system cache with a program like CrapCleaner.

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