Saving, Loading & Difficulty

Saving and loading

To save in Project seven you must find a ‘save pad’ a Blue circle with a light blue ‘s’ – A starting save point will set up a save file, and after that all saves will be over that name until a new game is started. If you don’t bother to register your save file you will play on the autosave. This is only recommended if you don’t care whether you lose your save later on.

If you die in Project seven, the game will not simply ‘load’ the last save – You will be given full health and taken back to the last entrance to the level or save point. Enemies will respawn and most puzzles will reset, but you will keep any keys or crystals, and locks will remain unlocked. Perhaps on the downside, you will respawn with the same amount of ammunition as you died with.


There are 5 difficulty levels in Second Sun, each one twice as ‘hard’ as the one before it. This means Traveler is twice as hard as Hiker, And Hero four times as hard as Traveler. At the moment, the only change difficulty has is the amount of damage taken by the player but we plan to change this.

This is a breakdown of the difficulty levels:

Hiker ‘Easiest’ The damage variable is divided by 16

Traveler ‘Easy’ The damage variable is divided by 8

Explorer ‘Normal’ The damage variable is divided by 4.

Hero ‘Hard’ The damage variable is divided by 2

Legend ‘Hardest’ The damage variable is the same used for enemies (who now have effectively more health than you)

Clicking outside the menu sets it to Hiker.

Note: For those who played the game at Avcon 2011, we were demonstrating on Hiker and Traveler difficulty.

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