Toolkeys –

The number corresponding to each toolkey indicates what number on the NUMPAD to press to equip the corresponding toolkey. All toolkeys are activated with the Spacebar. Some toolkeys are not found in this version.

1 =Drill (allows you to break some objects)

2= Translation guide (allows you to read plaques written in an ancient language)

3= Grappling hook (allows you to grapple onto grappling pegs)

4= Steelbane Shockwave (Detonator for flammable devices, not in this version)

5 = Boat (allows you to cross deep water, and to increase your speed on all water)

6 = Impersonat ( Allows you to impersonate an enemy soldier, not in this version)

7 = Scuba Gear (Allows you to go under water in very deep water, allows you to go though gaseous areas)

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