Weapons and the shield


The number corresponding to each weapon is the Weapon ID, this indicates what number button to press to equip the corresponding weapon and what number will appear on ammo packs for that weapon. For example, the Sigma rifle is Weapon 1, so an ammo pack with a ‘1’ on it will be for the Sigma rifle. Each weapon has a number of properties including damage, rate of fire, reload speed and clip size. Some weapons have unique properties, such as the laser, which does more damage against enemy shields and goes though people, or the rocket, which explodes on impact. The enemies can access all the weapons you can besides the rocket.

1 = Sigma rifle (powerful, slow RoF)

2 = Burst Carbine (fires in 3-shot bursts, provided you hold down the fire button)

3 = Grenade launcher (lobs explosive grenades)

4 = Luxpistol (high clip, medium RoF, high damage per clip, slow bullets)

5 = Laser (damages shields, ricochet’s of walls, passes though enemies)

6 = Blobgun (fires a blob that absorbs bullets, deposits sand or water, and explodes upon impact with a high wall. The explosion’s power depends on the number of bullets it absorbs)

7 = Rocket (fires a powerful explosive rocket)

8 = Horizonslayer (you can guide the bullets in flight)

Your sword is always equipped and can be used with the right mouse button. The sword has a limited range, and can only be used if there is room on either side of you. So, it can’t be used in a narrow corridor.

There are also 3 ‘Heavy’ weapons that can be picked up and deployed with the space bar, and used by moving onto them. They are:

Mobile Bunker = A bunker that allows you to shoot from behind cover while avoiding most enemy fire.

AT-Gun = A portable low-velocity artillery piece that does extra damage on armored enemies.

Rapid-Fire Emplacement = A portable gun emplacement with a high RoF and power.

The shield

The shield in Shadow of a Second Sun is unlike the shield seen in games like Halo or Unreal – for starters, it is an actual shield, not a simple health overlay.

The shield is the blue rectangle at the end of the player’s gun – it covers approximately a 90-degree arc centred on the player’s line of fire. This means the shield needs to be aimed with the mouse to intercept enemy fire, and the player is vulnerable on both flanks and his rear. The shield comes down when the player is moving and shooting, making the timing of when to take action and when to use the shield vital to survival in the game. It was the mechanic the entire game was built around and if played effectively can even give an expert player a ‘clean sweep’, never taking a single bullet to the body.

The shield has far more ‘health’ than the player, and will regenerate when not in combat, so it is always better to take shots with the shield. Beware of enemy lasers however; they can quickly break it down.

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