Shadow of a Second Sun

‘ Legend of Zelda meets Halo in 2D’

–          Alpha tester

Tensions rise as the Great Houses push against each other’s borders. The smugglers break checkpoints and steal weapons every day while the sky pirates roam the open air looking for prey. The Emperor’s deadly sentinels are more focused on maintaining the obedience of the populace, and can’t be bothered with mere criminals. The order of the eternal dawn, fueled by passion for their divine and righteous leader, bring their plot into action – a plan that, once complete, will plunge the world into a new era and drive the filthy, night-loving Selenites off the surface forever!

When Zeke set out to save his sister he had no idea he was charging into a world of chaotic politics, filled with treachery, deceit and gunfire. Soon he finds himself trying to gather the support of the houses – who have ambitions of their own – as he attempts to save the world from a danger it is to apathetic to stop.

(Gameplay video coming soon!)

– Nine unique weapons to beat back House Gumrak’s horde, including the defensive blobgun and trusty Sigma rifle

– Unique, carefully crafted combat style

– Seven tools to help explore the world and complete tricky puzzles including Scuba gear and the grappling hook

– Massive exploreable continent filled with hidden paths and secret locations

-Twelve warring factions, each with their own sidequest tree, Rewards, Ambitions and Personality

-Full 10 hour campaign – Race against the order to find the lost technology, Fight back against Gumrak’s invasion and save your sister – and the world – from pointless devastation

– Alternate epilogues based on player actions and side-quest results

– Completely original soundtrack

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